About us:

Heads ‘n Tales™ is committed to enhancing child wellness with simple, well designed products that make it easy for caretakers, parents and little kids to provide a good-for-you environment.

What was a first time, working mom to do when she saw her toddler napping with his shoes on at preschool? Especially one with OCD tendencies, who knew the sheets and blankets were being reused all week so
sometimes his head was resting where his feet were the day prior. Yuck! Moving schools, or even moving
states wasn’t an option once she was aware that the majority of daycares and preschools enforce a
best-practices policy for safety and liability of napping with shoes-on in case of an emergency; “Can you
imagine trying to put 24 shoes on 12 little feet when we need to evacuate the preschool in case of a fire or earthquake?”

Well for safety’s sake, the shoes on at naptime policy was understandable, but still gross. Plus, her son had allergies and asthma, ugh! Washing sheets daily, well as a working mom, that was a little tough. 

Mama Adriann Cocker wondered, “How could we easily let the kids and caregivers know which end to place little heads on at naptime when we were reusing sheets and blankets all week long?” And so, Heads ‘n Tales was born, with its unique design making identifying the top of the naptime bedding as easy as child’s play. By clearly defining the upper area and utilizing design to distinguish the lower portion, it’s clear which end of the bedding is the top; better for little heads and for wellness. This copyright pending design mark will also be applied to children’s towels, yoga mats and asthma chamber carrying cases.

Adriann Cocker, Founder 

​Adriann Cocker has background in Marketing and Strategic Planning, and has been responsible for award winning communications and advertising campaigns. She may seem an odd fit for founding a children’s soft goods company, but Adriann has vast experience in understanding motivations and providing insights into various audiences from her 15+ years in Advertising and Qualitative Research. She works to uncover relevant Brand and Product insights and link them with emotional, as well aspirational engagement triggers that lead to product and messaging innovations. 

For fun, she blogs and writes about life and raising a family, through the lens of loft living in downtown Los Angeles. Most recently, she was on stage sharing a self-penned mama story in the hit play about motherhood, Expressing Motherhood. Her works have appeared in the following: DTLA News, Expressing Motherhood and Have Milk Will Travel


We can be reached at info@headsntalesline.com