Heads ‘n Tales line of clever
​naptime bedding for preschoolers! 

Safety and liability best-practices compel many child care centers to have children sleep with their shoes-on at naptime in case of an emergency.
Heads ‘n Tales™ takes the guess work out of reusing bedding at preschool, 
so that little heads don’t sleep where their shoes were the day prior.

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About 15 million US children 6 and under need childcare; many child care centers require kids wear their shoes at naptime in case of an emergency. But naptime sheets are often reused/unwashed all week; little kids place their heads where their feet were the day prior, gross! Heads 'n Tales™ unique new line of preschool naptime bedding defines the upper area with design, making it consistently clear where the head goes. Our naptime bedding features stylish animals, patterns, stories or notes of comfort. Founded by Adriann Cocker, a Consumer Insights consultant and first-time mama with an asthmatic/allergy prone son.

We are currently seeking partners to collaborate with to produce and/or license our Heads ‘n Tales product. Connect with us at info@headsntalesline.com to see how we can work together to improve naptime, bath time, yoga time and even inhaled medicine time for little kids. 

Heads 'n Tales will premier at Booth 20 in the Invention Connection at the 2015 ABC Show, Oct 18-21 in Las Vegas. Come by and check our collection out! 

Our Collections

Here's a sneak peek at our unique designs. Check back for full reveal as we get closer to launch in Vegas!